Company Profile

Vestar Iron Works Pte Ltd was established as a professional Building Construction Company supported by a group of suppliers. It was registered as General Builder’s class 1 under the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. In order to provide best service, best quality and best prices for our clients, we have established a group of professional people handling every projects of the company. We always try to provide you with the most useful metal industry.

It has traditional values and is bst known for its quality construction work which is founded on high levels of excellence and professionalism based on the family approach, ethics and integrity. Its passion and commitments to the area.

The Group has been constantly building on a solid foundation and has seen Periods of significant expansion over the last twenty years, with many notable high profile project.s

Vestar Iron Works Pte Ltd places enormous emphasis on the quality of its product, holding accreditations including Provision of Generak Building, Civil Engineering and Fabrication of Management System ISO 14001:2004, bizSAFE Star Level and BCA Green and Gracious Builder Award. We also hold affliliations wtih a number of leading industry bodies.

One of the main principles underpinning the Company is its willingness and ability to engage with clients in joint venture or partnership approach, discussing projects and development in an open and professional manner from conception to completion.

Business Scope

Vestar Iron Works is a premier structural, miscellaneous steel fabrication and erection company servicing whole of Singapore. We offer complete steel construction services from fabrication to erection. The services include fabricating steel frames, railing, roofing, gates and fencing, beam and column, stair access, granite finishing, temporary and permanent bus shelter and pedestrain over bridge and etc.

Our inclusion as a partner in the building process allows our clients the opportunity to utilize construction skills and experiences to ensure the success of the projects.

Business Process


Vestar Iron Works has a shop located at Bedok where our skilled craftsmen create ironwork. Our warehouse contains various machinery and tools which assist in the fabrication process such as rollers, shears, hydraulic bender, drill presser, punches, an assortment of welding and grinding equipment, cold and band saws, and air hammer. Close attention is directed toward the details of our work, as the many intricacies of iron are important in a lasting product.


We install our iron products throughout the entire areas of Singapore. Most pieces are loaded into our trucks and transferred to the job location. Larger items require the use of our lorry cranes for the delivery.


Verstar Iron Works has the abilities to provide a variety of long-lasting finishes that will enable you to achieve the look that you desire.